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Hydrolyzed Collagen Supplements

Semix hydrolyzed collagen is treated with alkali or acid according to different skin raw materials, and high-purity reverse osmosis water is used to extract macromolecular collagen protein at a certain temperature, and then through a special enzymatic hydrolysis process, the macromolecular chain is effectively cut. , the most complete retention of effective amino acid groups, and become hydrolyzed collagen with a molecular weight of 2000 to 5000 Daltons.

Types of Hydrolyzed Collagens For Sale

Hydrolyzed Bovine Collagen
Semix bovine hydrolyzed collagen has good water absorption: Water absorption is the ability of a protein to absorb or absorb water. After collagenase hydrolysis, hydrolyzed collagen is formed, and a large number of hydrophilic groups are exposed, resulting in a significant increase in water absorption.

Hydrolyzed Bovine Collagen

Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen
The solubility of marine hydrolyzed collagen is good. The water solubility of protein depends on the number of ionizable groups and hydrophilic groups in its molecule. The hydrolysis of collagen results in the breakage of peptide bonds, resulting in the number of polar hydrophilic groups. Increase, the hydrophobicity of the protein decreases, the charge density increases, the hydrophilicity increases, and the water solubility increases.

Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen

Porcine Hydrolyzed Collagen
Porcine collagen contains a large number of polar amino acid residues, such as glycine, alanine, etc., porcine collagen is hydrolyzed into porcine hydrolyzed collagen, the exposure of hydrophilic groups increases, the release of more polar bonds, and the interaction with water molecules. The binding capacity is thus enhanced, thereby increasing the water retention of the collagen hydrolyzed by the collagenase hydrolysate.

Porcine Hydrolyzed Collagen

Health Benefits of Hydrolyzed Collagens

Collagen is not easily soluble in water. It is extracted from hydrolyzed collagen. After low-temperature enzymatic degradation technology, the molecular weight structure is reduced, and the water solubility is good. Warm water can help it dissolve.
Pure collagen extract has a light fishy smell, similar to fishy and soy flour, unless flavoring is added.
Collagen extract will appear transparent and pale yellow when dissolved in water because a small number of collagen molecules react with hydrogen molecules in water.

FAQs of SEMIX Hydrolyzed Collagen

What does hydrolyzed collagen do for you?

Skin-care,Hair-care,Anti-aging,Anti-wrinkle,Cosmetics,Creams,Face masks etc 

Body-building & Daily Health-care Supplement 

 Joint health: Auxiliary treatment for degenerative arthritic diseases 

Bone function; 

Weight management 

Promote muscle production; 

Gastrointesstinal System 

 Meal Replacement milkshake 

GMO-Free/Fat-Free/ Carbohydrate Free/ Preservative Free/Purine Free

Why hydrolyzed collagen is better?

Hydrolyzed collagen contains a variety of amino acids, of which glycine is the most, followed by alanine, glutamic acid, amino acid, proline, etc.

Does hydrolyzed collagen cause weight gain?

Collagen not only does not gain weight but also has a slimming effect to a certain extent. Because high-purity collagen does not contain sugar, fat, and other obesity-causing factors, and collagen can activate the activity of lipase and enhance the ability to decompose fat, the body also needs to consume a certain amount of energy when absorbing collagen, so as to achieve Slimming effect.


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