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Collagen Bar

Collagen Bar

Protein bars contain many elements, the most important ingredient is protein. So its main function is to help the body to replenish protein. It is more suitable for sports crowds, fitness crowds and outdoor sports crowds.

SEMIX Collagen Peptide For Energy Bar

In addition, the carbon water in the protein bar can help supplement certain calories needed by the human body. In the human body, protein can help repair damaged cells, tissues and muscle fibers. For fitness people, after the muscles are stimulated by exercise, the muscle fibers are damaged. Timely supplementation of protein can help repair the damage and make the muscle fibers stronger.

Benefits of Collagen Bar 

SEMIX Collagen Peptide For Energy Bar is more convenient, and the taste will be more stable because it does not need to add liquid to mix by itself and is limited by temperature. SEMIX Collagen Peptide For Energy Bar can not only help you replenish protein and carbohydrates after fitness, so that your muscles can better recover and grow, but also can be used as meal replacement foods in daily fat loss.


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