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Semix Collagen In Drinks

Semix Collagen In Drinks

Semix collagen peptides can be added to fresh milk, yogurt, milk beverages, coffee, milk powder and other products to increase the protein content of the beverage. Semix collagen peptides are digested by the stomach after ingestion, and then migrate in the blood vessels to stimulate the skin's fiber cells, thereby promoting cell division and synthesizing collagen and elastin.

SEMIX Collagen Peptide For Drinks

Adding to yogurt, the lactic acid produced by the probiotics in lactic acid bacteria can improve intestinal immunity, improve constipation symptoms, prevent aging, and improve absorption efficiency. Ingestion of collagen peptides and yogurt at the same time can improve the absorption of collagen peptides, improve skin and joint function, prevent aging, and improve sleep and weight loss.

Collagen Peptides In Hot Coffee & Tea

Semix collagen peptides will affect their biological activity at high temperatures and affect the drinking effect. Generally, coffee and tea are brewed with hot water. It is not advisable to add Semix collagen peptides together with high water temperature. It is better to wait for the coffee and tea to cool or cool down before adding Semix collagen peptides.


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