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Application of Gelatin in Dairy Products

Gelatin diet is a hydrolyzed product of collagen, which is a fat-free, high-protein, and cholesterol-free natural food thickener. Gelatin is also a powerful protector of colloids, with strong emulsifying properties. Once in the stomach, it can inhibit the coagulation caused by the gastric acid on proteins such as milk and soy milk, thus facilitating digestion. So, where does gelatin come in for dairy products?

Gelatin diet in yoghurt products

Bulk gelatin for sale can make low-fat yoghurt achieve the same texture as high-fat yoghurt, improving consumer acceptability. In yoghurt products, the function of gelatin molecules is to form a weak gel-like structure, preventing whey exudation and separation. The high stability and viscosity of gelatin powder make it suitable for use alone in yoghurt products.

Gelatin diet in sour cream products

Sour cream includes three products: full-fat, low-fat, and fat-free. Gelatin and other stabilizers, such as plant gums or modified starch, are usually used together to achieve a good appearance, smooth texture, and good mouthfeel depending on the fat content and desired texture structure of the sour cream.

Gelatin diet in low-fat cream

As an emulsifying stabilizer and structural forming agent, gelatine bulk is also widely used in low-fat creams and other products. Products containing gelatin powder have sensory properties similar to those of buttercream. The stabilizing effect of gelatin inhibits the destabilizing effect of emulsification during storage and spreading.

The melting characteristics and gel-like properties of gelatin ensure that low-fat products have similar sensory properties and texture to their corresponding high-fat products. When used, gelatin requires a low usage amount and is a relatively inexpensive ingredient. It is also an easy-to-use hydrophilic colloid that is easily dispersed and hydrated in dairy processing. In cases where the desired product texture and process conditions cannot be achieved by using only gelatin, gelatin can be combined with other hydrophilic colloids, such as agar, to achieve more extensive and perfect application in dairy products.

Gelatin diet in soft cheeses

Gelatin can stabilize milk cheese and spreadable cheese by binding with water during production, thus controlling whey separation. The melting point of gelatin powder is close to body temperature, which gives the product a smooth and delicate mouthfeel, satisfying flavor, and sensory properties.

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Application of Gelatin in Dairy Products