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From Raw Materials to Beauty Products: What You Didn't Know About Collagen Protein

Taking collagen protein plays a vital role in determining whether a woman is beautiful or not. Collagen protein in the body determines the moisture, smoothness, tightness, and "skin age" of the skin. After the age of 30, the metabolism rate of the skin begins to decline, and collagen protein in the dermis layer starts to decrease, leading to aging symptoms such as sagging, indentation, and wrinkles. Therefore, women in this phase urgently need to supplement collagen protein.

Can collagen protein really be absorbed by taking collagen protein products?

Smaller collagen protein molecules can be absorbed, and the body absorbs collagen protein peptides that are easier to digest. As a key protein in the body, collagen protein is the main structural element of the skin and largely determines its main features. Collagen protein creates a strong foundation to support skin tightness, elasticity, and lock in water. As the body produces fewer new collagen proteins with age, the skin becomes thinner, less elastic, and loses its radiance, while wrinkles and fine lines begin to form. To maintain youthful skin, it is necessary to carefully manage collagen collagen fibers at the optimal level to protect and promote skin tightness and elasticity.

Large molecular weight collagen protein cannot be absorbed by the body. What we need is a smaller molecular weight form of collagen collagen- when a large number of collagen molecules are decomposed into smaller and more easily digestible peptides (amino acid chains), collagen collagen peptides are formed, which is exactly what the skin needs. After taking collagen protein products, 90% of collagen collagen peptides with small molecular weight can be absorbed, and can enter the bloodstream directly within 2 hours.

Are collagen protein product materials very cheap?

Collagen protein products like wholesale collagen powder with good sales and reputation use selected fish fillets and pig skins imported from France as raw materials. One of the reasons why collagen protein has been questioned in the past is because of its low material cost. Many people think that beauty supplements that cost a few hundred dollars are not worth their price. In fact, the extraction of collagen collagen raw materials basically comes from animal tissue, among which fish collagen protein powder is the most suitable because fish structures are closest to those of humans and are the most recognized and absorbed collagen protein by body tissues. Collagen protein extracted from mammals such as pigs and cows that have been artificially raised is also a good choice. Many leading collagen product brands also pay more attention to promoting their sources of raw materials and emphasize that collagen is not produced by "small workshops" without standards, whether they are powder formulations, beverages, or tablets.

In order to achieve this goal, starting from the selection of raw materials, fresh fish skin materials are selected, and critical processes such as ion exchange technology, enzyme-directed cutting technology, high-temperature instant sterilization, etc. are used by collagen suppliers to ensure the output of the highest quality product materials.

From Raw Materials to Beauty Products: What You Didn't Know About Collagen Protein