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Hydrolyzed Gelatin Function

Collagen is the parent of gelatin, gelatin is the denatured product of moderate degradation and unwinding of collagen, and hydrolyzed gelatin is the product of further degradation of gelatin. They have very similar amino acid composition and content. Due to the disintegration of macromolecules and the decrease in molecular weight, their solubility increases accordingly. Collagen is insoluble (except soluble collagen), gelatin is soluble in hot water, and hydrolyzed gelatin is soluble. in cold water.

Hydrolysed gelatine is the product of the hydrolysis of collagen by enzymes (acid or alkali). As the enzymatic decomposition product of collagen, hydrolyzed gelatin is not limited to this external effect of cosmetics. In fact, hydrolyzed gelatin has a better effect by oral administration.

Hydrolyzed Gelatin is Useful in Treating Skin Diseases

The efficacy of gelatin on skin diseases is shown by hydrolyzing gelatin. Hydrolyzed gelatin is easily absorbed by the skin, can moisturize the skin, and has an obvious antipruritic effect, can repair wounds and promote wound healing, so that the damaged skin becomes smooth, delicate, and restored. The reason why hydrolyzed gelatin, like hydrolysed gelatine powder, has a curative effect on a variety of skin diseases can be attributed to its small molecular weight, good water solubility, and easy absorption by the skin. The acid content is particularly high, which has a good moisturizing effect; in addition, it has excellent colloid protection performance and buffering capacity against stimuli such as acid and alkali. When the skin tissue is damaged or diseased, the surrounding cells have the ability to repair the damage and disease, and collagen plays a leading role in the repair process.

Hydrolyzed Gelatin Can Fix Water on The Skin And Tissues

After ingestion of hydrolyzed gelatin, more collagen can be formed. When collagen is insufficient, the moisture of the skin will decrease and lose elasticity and moisture, and the skin will not be able to keep young. Hydrolyzed gelatin is easily absorbed by the body, and helps the synthesis of collagen, elastin, and reticulin in the body, thereby nourishing the skin, hair, nails and connective tissues of the whole body, not only anti-ageing, anti-wrinkle, beauty, and beauty, but also skin Cell regeneration, restore skin elasticity, at the same time, it can replenish the lost collagen, help to remove excess skin fat and inhibit excessive skin oil.

The intake of collagen hydrolyzed gelatin can also effectively eliminate skin spots, remove dark spots and age spots, improve hair quality, make hair black and shiny and more elastic, nourish hair, prevent hair split ends, prevent grey hair, baldness, promote Metabolism of skin, hair and nails.

(Note: The relevant information in this article comes from Huang Mingli, Huang Yaqin, and Cui Xuhong. The curative effect and health care function of gelatin and its development prospect [J]. Gelatin Science and Technology, 2005(01): 4-15. The above information is only used as nutritional science knowledge, not as publicity for efficacy or as a substitute for any drugs or health care products. This product is ordinary food, and consumers are expected to buy it according to their needs.)

Hydrolyzed Gelatin Function