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The Efficacy and Applications of Hydrolyzed Gelatin

Hydrolyzed gelatin is made from pure gelatin (such as edible gelatin). The chemical structure of hydrolyzed gelatin has the same side chains as gelatin, so it can still maintain other properties of animal glue, such as surface activity, colloid protection, water retention, and bonding.

The efficacy of hydrolyzed gelatin

Hydrolyzed gelatin is beneficial to human absorption 

Hydrolyzed gelatin is a product of collagen hydrolysis by enzymes (acid or alkali). It is more beneficial to human absorption and more effective in exerting its effects than collagen. The application of hydrolyzed gelatin is not limited to the external effects of cosmetics. In fact, hydrolyzed gelatin is better absorbed by oral administration. Hydrolyzed gelatin has been thoroughly studied in Japan, Germany, France and other Western European countries. In addition to being added to food, hydrolyzed gelatin can also be added to cosmetics.

Hydrolyzed gelatin can effectively prevent skin aging

Collagen is the main component of hydrolyzed collagen and its efficacy is as follows: by taking collagen, the skin elasticity can be increased and wrinkles reduced from the inside out. After continuous use for 2 months, skin elasticity increased by 45%, water content increased by 30%, transparency and luster increased by 50%, and wrinkles reduced by 30%. Research by professors and pharmacists from Japanese universities shows that collagen is an indispensable substance in our body. Eating or drinking foods containing hydrolyzed gelatin can effectively prevent skin aging, and the beauty effect is better than that of cosmetics.

Hydrolyzed gelatin can increase skin cell regeneration

Hydrolyzed gelatin can fix moisture on the skin and tissues. After hydrolyzed gelatin is taken in, more collagen can be formed. When there is insufficient collagen, the skin moisture will decrease, losing elasticity and moisture, making it impossible to maintain a youthful appearance. Hydrolyzed gelatin is easily absorbed by the body, helping to synthesize collagen, elastin, and reticular protein in the body, nourishing the skin, hair, nails, and connective tissue throughout the body. It can not only prevent aging, wrinkles, and beauty, but also increase skin cell regeneration, restore skin elasticity, and supplement the lost collagen in the tissue, help eliminate excess fat in the skin, and inhibit excessive sebum secretion. The ingestion of hydrolysed gelatine can effectively eliminate skin spots, remove black spots, age spots, improve hair and make hair black, shiny, and elastic. It nourishes hair, prevents split ends, white hair, and baldness, and promotes the metabolism of skin, hair, and nails.

The application of hydrolyzed gelatin

The application of hydrolyzed gelatin in food

Adding hydrolyzed gelatin to food can increase viscosity and emulsifying properties, and promote digestion and absorption of food. It has a therapeutic effect, can promote mucosal healing, improve blood count, and has a significant effect on reducing blood loss.

The application of hydrolyzed gelatin in cosmetics

It is used as a moisturizer. Because its amino acid composition is similar to that of human skin, it is easily absorbed by the skin and has an anti-wrinkle effect.

The application of hydrolyzed gelatin in textile printing and dyeing

Adding hydrolyzed gelatin to textile printing and dyeing can increase fiber luster, prevent chemical fibers from generating static electricity during spinning, and help the dyeing process.

The Efficacy and Applications of Hydrolyzed Gelatin