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Characteristics and Usage of Collagen Peptides

Collagen peptide products are a class of products with relative molecular mass less than 10000 Da, which are produced by extracting, hydrolyzing and refining from fresh animal tissues rich in collagen (including skin, bone, tendon, tendon, scale, etc.) as raw materials.


Collagen peptide features

  • Extracted by advanced low temperature enzymatic cutting technology.

  • Small molecule collagen peptide, no additive, no hormone, and in line with international standard extraction of anti-aging products.

  • Each microgram of collagen peptide is produced from Alaska deep sea wild salmon.

  • It has very good absorption, water solubility and high permeability.

  • Rich in hydroxyproline and a variety of amino acids, effectively reduce nutritional obesity and lower body fat.

  • It can improve skin elasticity, fairness and lightness in a short period of time and restore skin youthfulness.

  • In the improvement of bone density, prevention and treatment of osteoporosis and bone calcification and other excellent effect.

  • Collagen can also have a very obvious improvement effect on middle and old age joint pain and other diseases.

  • Collagen can improve and prevent hypertension and cardiovascular diseases.

How to use collagen peptide?

Family oral intake

Take collagen peptide like wholesale collagen powder after meals or with meals, dissolve in warm water (30-40 degrees) and drink, also can be added to honey, milk, coffee, tea, juice and other beverages. Skin care external use: can be added to shrinkage water, mask, essence, distilled water, cream within the mixed role, the concentration of 5%-10% deployment.

Recommended dosage

4-8 grams daily to supplement the daily needs, add more for better results.

Warm Tips

Take 4g at night 1 hour before bedtime for fat reduction and shaping effect.


The role of collagen peptide


Healthy skin

Collagen is the main component to maintain the skin and muscle elasticity, in the skin to form a tight elastic network, locking moisture, like a bracket to support the skin, so that the skin is full of elasticity, moist, delicate, smooth. And collagen for old age is one of the significant roles collagen peptides playing in the skin care industry.

Hair shine nail

Hair is quite sensitive to high heat or alkaline substances, hairdressing or work, people often blow-dry, perm, hair coloring, which will damage the collagen in the hair, resulting in hair splitting, breaking or even hair loss, so timely supplement collagen, can provide enough nutrients for the subcutaneous tissue of the scalp to regenerate, nourish the hair, so that the damaged hair soft and shiny. At the same time, collagen is moisturizing and makes hair more elastic.

Nails are a barometer of human health, and normal nails should be red, tough and curved, smooth and shiny. Nails also need to be taken care of, and regular supplementation of collagen peptides will make nails healthy and shiny, and increase the toughness of nails.

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Characteristics and Usage of Collagen Peptides