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Collagen Protein Keeps Your Skin Hydrated

1. How to supplement collagen protein in the skin

(1) Oral health supplements to supplement collagen protein

In recent years, oral beauty tablets have become popular, and various collagen pills and drinks have been sold. The point of purchase is to pay attention to the content of collagen in health supplements. In addition, in terms of absorption rate, the most expensive beverage is larger than the next-expensive powder, and the lowest absorption rate is the cheapest pill.

(2) External skin care products, UP collagen protein

The word "collagen protein" appears in the instructions of many skin care products. External skin care products are generally divided into two types: simply supplementing collagen and stimulating self-generated collagen, and some combine the above two. Common ingredients include caviar, seaweed, fish cartilage, soybeans, kudzu, beech trees, olive leaves, and more.

(3) Medical beauty, micro-plastic UP collagen protein

The main methods of collagen supplement for skin in medical cosmetology and micro-plastic surgery include the injection method and proliferation method. The former is to inject collagen protein directly into the dermis through a syringe, and the latter is to make the dermis itself proliferate collagen protein through maintenance. It should be noted that the former generally belongs to the category of micro-plastic surgery, not life-long. Generally, it can be maintained for about 1 year, and then it will be gradually absorbed and metabolized by the human body.

(4) Daily supplement, persistence is the big truth

Eat more foods with high collagen protein content, such as pig feet, shark fins, chicken wings, beef tendon, chicken feet, fish skin, etc. The skins and bones of these animals are rich in gelatin, but be careful not to overeat to avoid high cholesterol. In addition, quality sleep and collagen protein production are also related. Ensuring that you are in a deep sleep state from 10:00 to 2:00 every night can promote the increase in the secretion of growth hormones, thereby activating cells and proliferating collagen protein.

2. Skin supplementation with collagen protein is more effective

To ensure the effective intake or absorption and utilization of wholesale collagen peptides for skin, scientific and reasonable tonic methods should also be adopted.

(1) Food supplements should be fully considered

Collagen protein can be obtained through collagen-rich foods and supplements.

(2) To ensure adequate sleep

Because in a sufficient sleep state, cell activity increases, and the human body can maximize the production of collagen protein. From 10:00 night to 2:00 in the morning is known as the best period for the skin. If the quality of sleep during this period is guaranteed, the secretion of growth hormones will increase, and the maximum possibility of collagen protein growth can be obtained.

(3) A lot of vitamin C supplementation

Vitamin C in cell tissue can exert its anti-oxidation and anti-ageing effects and can promote the proliferation of collagen protein, which has the effect of anti-wrinkle and anti-wrinkle. This requires that in the daily diet arrangement, try to ensure that there are 400-500 grams of vegetables and 100-200 grams of fruit intake per day to meet the body's demand for vitamin C. Especially in the special circumstances of environmental pollution and work stress because more oxygen free radicals are generated in the body, it is necessary to consider additional vitamin C supplementation to maintain skin whitening and ensure good health.

(4) Eat more lotus roots and lotus seeds

Collagen protein is a protein that, after entering the gastrointestinal tract, will first be broken down into small molecular amino acids before it can be absorbed by the cells of the small intestine. The macromolecular collagen protein, after being digested into amino acids and absorbed, needs to be reorganized in the skin to become collagen protein, and the ability to reorganize is related to the blood circulation, regeneration ability, and vitamin C content of the skin. Lotus root and lotus seeds are rich in vitamins and also have substances that improve blood circulation, which can improve rough skin. Lotus root soup and lotus seeds are delicious desserts. We should eat more to help the formation of collagen protein.

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Collagen Protein Keeps Your Skin Hydrated