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Five Applications of Collagen

The characteristic amino acid of collagen, hydroxyproline, is a carrier for transporting calcium in plasma to osteocytes, and the osseous collagen in osteocytes is a binder for hydroxyapatite, which together constitute the main body of bones. Therefore, as long as you consume enough collagen, you can ensure the normal intake of calcium in the body, and collagen can be made into calcium-supplemented health food.

1. The use of collagen as a food additive

Used as a meat product improver in meat products, gelatin, the hydrolyzed product of collagen, destroys the original tight supercoiled structure by destroying the hydrogen bonds in the collagen molecule. It forms small molecules with loose structures, which can be added to meat products to improve the tenderness of connective tissue and make it have good quality; increasing the protein content, which is both good taste and nutritious. Studies have shown that when adding 2% collagen and about 20% water, the sausage has the best feel, texture and taste (lubricating feeling). At the same time, collagen, like other proteins, has good dyeing properties. According to the needs of the product, it can be dyed with food colouring such as red yeast rice to a pink colour similar to muscle tissue, which is easy for consumers to accept.

2. Collagen is used in the frozen food

Gelatine bulk can be used as an improver for frozen foods and used as a jelly agent. It has a low melting point, is easily soluble in hot water, and has the characteristics of melting in the mouth. In the production of ice cream, ice cream, etc., adding an appropriate amount of gelatin can prevent the formation of rough ice crystals, keep the structure fine and reduce the melting speed. The dosage of gelatin in ice cream is generally 0.25%~0.60%.

3. Collagen is used as a beverage

Isinglass is internationally recognized as the most advanced glue clarifying agent. In the beer and wine industry, isinglass and gelatin can achieve very good results as sedimentation and clarifying agents, and the product quality is also very stable. It also plays the role of thickener, emulsifier, stabilizer and clarifying agent in the brewing process of fruit wine. In the production of tea beverages, healthy gelatin powder can prevent the turbidity caused by long-term storage of tea beverages and improve the quality of tea beverages.

4. Use of collagen as a dairy product

Collagen powder bulk wholesale can be widely used in neutral milk drinks, acidic milk drinks, fresh milk, yoghurt and other liquid dairy products, and has the functions of anti-whey precipitation and emulsification stability. It can also be added to milk powder to improve the nutritional value of milk powder. It can also enhance the functionality of milk powder, accelerate bone development, enhance intelligence, and improve the body's immunity.

5. Collagen is used as a cake candy

Healthy gelatin powder can be added to bread in an amount of 3%~5%, which can prolong the aging time of bread, improve the volume of bread and the softness of bread. Gelatin has the function of absorbing water and supporting the skeleton, and its particles are dissolved in water. It can be intertwined into a network structure. After condensing, sugar and water can be filled, so that the soft candy can maintain a stable shape, and it will not deform under heavy load, improve the nutritional value of candy, and develop low-calorie candy.

Five Applications of Collagen