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Functional Study of Hydrolyzed Gelatin

Hydrolyzed gelatin is the product of enzymatic (acid or alkali) hydrolysis of collagen, a derivative of gelatin hydrolysis. After hydrolysis, the peptide bond is broken and becomes a polypeptide, the molecular weight is reduced to 2000-10000, and it is soluble in water at room temperature. An aqueous solution with a concentration of 20% has a viscosity of about 50 Pa·s at 25°C, and the solution will not freeze after cooling. This is different from others. However, the side chain in the chemical structural formula of hydrolyzed gelatin is still the same as that of gelatin, so the advantage of hydrolyzed gelatin is that it can maintain other properties of animal glue, such as surface activity, colloid protection, water retention, adhesiveness, etc.

1. Hydrolyzed gelatin can fix moisture on the skin and tissue

After ingesting hydrolysed gelatine, more collagen can be formed. When collagen is insufficient, the moisture of the skin will decrease and lose its elasticity, and the skin will not be able to keep youthful. Hydrolyzed gelatin is easily absorbed by the body, and helps the synthesis of collagen, elastin and reticulin in the body, thereby nourishing the skin, hair, nails and connective tissues of the whole body, not only anti-ageing, anti-wrinkle, and beauty, but also skin enhancement Cell regeneration, restore skin elasticity, at the same time can replenish tissue lost collagen, help to remove excess skin fat, inhibit the skin from excessive oil. The intake of hydrolyzed gelatin can also effectively eliminate skin spots, remove dark spots and age spots, improve hair quality, make hair black and shiny and more elastic, nourish hair, prevent hair splitting and deterioration, prevent grey hair, baldness, promote Metabolism of skin, hair and nails.

2. The healthcare function of hydrolyzed gelatin is also quite prominent

In Germany and France, hydrolyzed gelatin protein has been used as a therapeutic drug for the treatment of arthritis and rheumatism; there are also a lot of studies on the treatment of skin diseases and gastric diseases. Hydrolyzed gelatin can combine calcium with bone cells without loss, thus promoting calcium absorption. Therefore, while increasing calcium, hydrolyzed gelatin should be supplemented in time. Hydrolyzed gelatin can also be used as a drug to suppress the rise in blood pressure. Researchers use special enzymes to enzymatically hydrolyze collagen. It is proved by mouse experiments that the enzymatic hydrolysate has a good inhibitory effect on the rise of blood pressure and can be used as a healthy food.

Collagen has the function of inhibiting cancer cells. Collagen is absorbed in the body by converting it into the form of hydrolyzed gelatin and amino acids. Collagen inhibits cancer cells in two ways. One is to improve human immunity and achieve the purpose of inhibiting cancer cells. The second is to prevent cancer cell metastasis. When cancer cells want to metastasize to other organs, they will first move deep into the organ, penetrate the collagen tissue there to reach the blood vessels, further pass through the collagen tissue of the blood vessels, and then move to other organs with the blood circulation. 

Therefore, if the organ containing cancer cells has enough collagen and is newly synthesized, the collagen and the deep layer of the organ will form a strong line of defence, and it will be difficult for cancer cells to metastasize. Immunoglobulins can further play a role in phagocytosing cancer cells so that cancer gradually improves and improves.

Functional Study of Hydrolyzed Gelatin