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How Significant Is the Impact of Collagen Protein on Our Bodies?

Collagen protein, also known as the original protein, is an important component of human bone structure, especially cartilage tissue. It is the protein that exists in the highest quantity in the human body. Collagen protein participates in various physiological activities and is the "lifeline" of the human body.

In daily life, many elderly people complain about joint problems that cause them trouble in climbing stairs, walking, and experiencing pain in their waist, legs, and arms. Commonly, the elderly simply believe that the problem is due to their body's calcium deficiency and that supplementing calcium can solve the problem. As a result, many elderly people blindly and excessively supplement calcium.

However, they do not realize that just supplementing calcium is not enough. With age, the ability of the elderly to synthesize collagen protein gradually declines, and the supply of collagen protein in joint cartilage tissues becomes insufficient. As a result, the ability of the cartilage to withstand pressure decreases, its toughness weakens, and it is susceptible to wear and inflammation. Once the bone and joint structure is destroyed, various bone and joint diseases will follow.

Collagen protein is an important component of human bone structure, especially cartilage tissue

Taking collagen protein can protect joints and reduce inflammation. Like a mesh structure that is full of small holes in the bone, collagen protein firmly retains the calcium that is about to be lost. Scientific research has shown that bone collagen protein loss is a major cause of elderly people developing joint diseases. If elderly people do not supplement collagen protein in time, even if they supplement calcium, the calcium will still be lost in vain.

Therefore, the elderly should pay attention to scientific calcium supplementation, and supplement collagen protein along with calcium. Although some foods such as pig feet, beef tendon, and jelly contain abundant collagen protein, they often contain large amounts of saturated fatty acids, which can easily cause heart and cerebrovascular diseases, and excessive intake will have adverse effects on the body.

Since it is difficult to supplement sufficient collagen protein from food, it is recommended that the elderly try collagen powder

Wholesale collagen powder is a scientific combination of collagen protein, calcium citrate, vitamin D3, soy isoflavone, vitamin E, and other components. Research has shown that each bag of collagen powder contains 5 grams of collagen protein peptide, which can meet the daily requirements of the general Asian population; citrate calcium and vitamin D3 can promote calcium absorption in the human body; soy isoflavones benefit regulating the hormone levels of middle-aged and elderly people, and reducing bone damage; vitamin E can further help absorb calcium in the body and synthesize collagen protein.

To achieve true bone health for the elderly's special bone conditions, one should not forget to supplement collagen protein. Therefore, collagen powder is an ideal choice for the elderly.

How Significant Is the Impact of Collagen Protein on Our Bodies?