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What is the Difference Between Collagen Tripeptide and Collagen?

The definition of collagen tripeptide in peptide nutrition is: the smallest structural unit and functional unit of collagen is collagen tripeptide, and its molecular weight is 280D. From the definition, we can draw the following conclusions: collagen is composed of collagen tripeptide, and collagen tripeptide is the smallest structural unit of collagen; the molecular weight of collagen tripeptide is only 280D (Dalton); collagen tripeptide is a The functional unit, that is to say the collagen tripeptide, is biologically active.

1. Collagen tripeptide is the smallest structural unit of collagen protein

Collagen protein is composed of (glycine-X-Y)n, when n=1, (glycine-X-Y) is called collagen tripeptide, that is to say, collagen tri peptide is composed of three amino acids, which is why it is The reason is called tripeptide. In addition to glycine in the structure, X is usually proline or hydroxyproline, and Y is other kinds of amino acids (such as serine, glutamic acid, etc.). Therefore, collagen tripeptide is not only the smallest structural unit, but also retains the amino acid nutrition of collagen.

(1) Glycine: An important amino acid that constitutes the collagen peptide chain. In the presence of glycine, a complete peptide chain can be formed and the molecular structure of collagen can be stabilized. Glycine has protective properties for cell proliferation.

(2) Proline: One of the amino acids that make up collagen, it is an amino acid required by the body to produce collagen and cartilage. It plays an important role in keeping muscles and joints flexible, and is also a source of hydroxyproline.

(3) Hydroxyproline: It is a characteristic amino acid of collagen, which helps the reconstruction of collagen in the body and the regeneration and renewal of elastin. It is a carrier for transporting calcium from plasma to bone cells.

In proteomics, Dalton is used to define the mass of a molecule. For example, the molecular mass of glycine is 75D, and the molecular mass of proline is 115D. When these amino acids form collagen tripeptides, the molecular weight is about 200~ 500D, and mainly concentrated around 280D. This can be verified by high-performance liquid chromatography, confirming that the molecular weight of collagen tripeptide is mainly concentrated in 280D, while the molecular weight of collagen peptide is larger than that of collagen tripeptide. At 1000~3000D, the molecular weight of collagen protein is larger, reaching about 300,000.

2. Collagen tripeptide is biologically active

The advanced technology determines the purity of the tri-collagen peptide. Collagen peptides with a molecular weight below 3000 account for more than 90%, while collagen tripeptides with a molecular weight of about 280D have a content of up to 60%, and the content of its characteristic amino acid - hydroxyproline At 11, for the industry leader.

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What is the Difference Between Collagen Tripeptide and Collagen?

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