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How to Take Collagen Powder?

Everyone knows about collagen powder, which can effectively supplement the lost collagen in the body and slow down the aging process of the skin while also providing certain health benefits. Among many collagen supplements, pure collagen powder is one of the most effective ways to supplement collagen, and is therefore popular among many people.

Basic knowledge of hydrolyzed collagen powder

Usually at the dining table, if there is a food like pig's trotters, many people will rush to eat it or recommend it to women with a phrase, "Eating pig's trotters for beauty." This is actually because pig's trotters contain a lot of collagen, which has a very good effect on beauty and skin care for women. So what is hydrolyzed collagen powder exactly?

Hydrolyzed collagen powder is an oral collagen health product, which is in powder form although it is commonly referred to as hydrolyzed collagen.

Hydrolyzed collagen powder is generally 100% natural collagen powder, with a molecular weight of less than 3000 Dalton and uniform molecular weight, natural and pure, and without any colourants, preservatives, or flavours. Using cutting-edge purification technology, lipids and gelatin are completely removed, leaving no odour. With high purity, it can be completely dissolved and is easily absorbed by the human body.

It has been proven that a daily intake of 5 grams of SEMIX collagen powder can result in a significant change in skin elasticity after one month of continuous use, with dark yellow disappearing and skin becoming tender and glossy; after two months of continuous use, skin elasticity can increase by 45%, moisture by 30%, transparency by 50%, and wrinkles reduced by 30%.

The edible method of collagen powder

Women are very concerned about skin care, and after the age of 20, especially 25, the most important protein for women, collagen, begins to be lost in the body, and at this point, cells begin to age. So, how should bulk collagen powder be consumed?

  • Collagen powder can be directly dissolved in warm water. Pour the collagen powder into warm water below 40℃, and gradually dissolve it. It can be stirred appropriately to accelerate dissolution. After about 5 minutes, it can be completely dissolved and be pure, colorless, and transparent.

  • Under normal circumstances, the recommended use of collagen powder is 4-5 grams per day. If the skin is not in good condition, the dosage can be increased to 8-10 grams per day. The best time to take collagen powder is half an hour before sleep, as 10 pm to 2 am is the best time for skin repair. We can take it twice a day, on an empty stomach before breakfast and half an hour before sleep at night, for better absorption.

  • Collagen powder can be added to your favorite drinks, such as water, coffee, milk, juice, and soy milk (temperature should not exceed 40℃). It can also be mixed with yogurt and honey. Collagen combined with VC or grape seed can enhance the efficacy, so it is recommended to combine high-VC fruit juice or consume grape seed with it.

  • In the process of skin absorption and changes due to collagen, it needs some time, and the skin metabolism cycle is 28 days, so generally, a month's use will have a preliminary effect. It generally takes one month to solve skin relaxation and lack of elasticity. Repair of fine lines and wrinkles takes about two months to achieve the desired effect, so it is best to continue to use it for 2-3 months for optimal results.

How to Take Collagen Powder?