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The Necessity of Collagen Supplementation for Fitness Community

With the rapid development of the fitness industry, supplements targeting fitness enthusiasts have emerged, but they generally fall into two categories: protein powder and L-carnitine. These mainly serve the muscle building and fat burning population. This is because most fitness enthusiasts believe that they only need to focus on body management in the gym and can ignore everything else. While fitness can help with weight loss, body shaping, and slow down the aging process, did you know that if you neglect your diet and nutrition, it will not only fail to bring you a good physique, but it will also affect the condition of your skin!

The body needs to supplement collagen protein for bodybuilding during fitness

About 10% of the calories burned during exercise come from protein. Therefore, we can see that many people continuously supplement collagen protein for bodybuilding during their fitness journey. It is widely known that supplementing enough protein helps maintain bodily functions and speed up metabolism, enabling muscles to meet the demands of exercise. Hence, protein powder has become an essential for many male fitness enthusiasts. However, what most people do not know is that about 30% of the protein consumed during exercise is collagen protein. This means that long-term fitness can also result in continuous loss of collagen protein in the body.

Collagen protein (bodybuilding) is a very important protein in the body

Collagen protein is the main component of protein. After the skin loses moisture, collagen protein accounts for 70% of its weight. It is responsible for providing elasticity and firmness to the skin and acts as a "deep reservoir" to supply moisture to the epidermis. If collagen protein continues to be lost, wrinkles and dryness will appear on the skin. Because of its unique effects, collagen protein products have become the first choice for beauty-conscious women.

However, when a person reaches the age of 20, collagen protein begins to be lost. After the age of 25, the loss rate accelerates, and fine lines, eye bags, wrinkles, and other skin problems gradually appear.

Long-term fitness also consumes a lot of moisture and protein in the body. Every time you sweat heavily, it is equivalent to walking in the desert for 8 hours. With the significant loss of moisture and protein, collagen protein in the body will also be greatly depleted. Therefore, when you engage in long-term fitness to reduce fat, you will find that your skin gradually loses its firmness and elasticity, ultimately resulting in a situation where your "physique is on point, but your appearance is not".

The importance of collagen protein (bodybuilding) for fitness enthusiasts extends beyond skincare

A research study has demonstrated the great potential of collagen protein for bodybuilding in the field of exercise recovery. It helps in faster recovery after exercise and improves physical fitness. In a controlled trial, one group of individuals consumed 20 grams of collagen peptide daily, while another group consumed the same dosage of placebo. After a certain period of time, it was observed that the subjects who consumed collagen peptide had significantly lower levels of muscle soreness compared to those who did not. Additionally, there was a significant improvement in physical fitness 48 hours later. Collagen peptide has great advantages in terms of exercise nutrition and recovery, as well as joint health, as compared to other types of proteins.

Therefore, when shaping your body through fitness, remember to control your exercise intensity and methods. At the same time, it is advisable to moderately supplement collagen protein (bodybuilding) as a fitness and beauty nutritional supplement. Small molecule collagen peptides are better absorbed by the body, allowing nutrients to be fully utilized, restoring the skin's elasticity and radiance, and effectively nurturing the muscles and bones of the body.

The Necessity of Collagen Supplementation for Fitness Community