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The Effect and Function of Collagen Protein on Human Health

Collagen exists in all multicellular animals and is the most abundant protein in the body. It exists in almost all tissues. It is an extracellular protein that exists in the form of insoluble fibres and has high tensile strength. It is the main factor determining the toughness of connective tissue. factor. Collagen is rich in amino acids such as glycine, proline, and hydroxyproline which the human body needs. Collagen is the most important component of the extracellular matrix.

1. Collagen protein and Bone

70%-80% of the organic matter in bones is collagen protein. When bones are formed, sufficient collagen fibres must first be synthesized to form the framework of bones. Therefore, some people call collagen the bone of bones. Collagen fibres have strong toughness and elasticity. If a long bone is compared to a cement column, then collagen fibres are the steel frame of the column, and the lack of collagen is like the use of inferior steel bars in buildings, and the danger of breaking Just on the eve. Thus, you can see lots of people taking the collagen supplement for bones.

2. Collagen protein and Hair

The key to hair health lies in the nutrition of the subcutaneous tissue of the scalp, which is the foundation of the hair. Collagen located in the dermis is the nutrient supply station for the epidermis and epidermal appendages. The epidermal appendages are mainly hair and nails. Lack of bulk collagen, dry and split hair, easy breakage of nails, dull and dull.

3. Collagen protein and Muscle

Although collagen is not the main component of muscle tissue, it is closely related to muscle growth. For adolescents in the growing stage, collagen protein for bodybuilding can promote the secretion of growth hormones and muscle growth. And for adults who want to stay in shape, building strong and toned muscles also require collagen protein supplementation.

4. Collagen protein and weight loss

Losing weight requires burning fat (catabolism), and hydrolyzed collagen can increase and prolong this catabolic process, burning more fat to achieve weight loss. And cheap collagen will consume a lot of heat energy to repair cells, this function will consume a lot of heat energy, this function must be carried out in the sleep state, so taking hydrolyzed collagen, you can lose weight while sleeping, and the dream of losing weight easily becomes a reality.

5. Collagen protein and breast enhancement

The effect of bulk collagen powder on breast enhancement has long been well-known. The breast is mainly composed of connective tissue and adipose tissue, and tall and plump breasts depend to a large extent on the support of the connective tissue. Collagen is the main component of the connective tissue. In the connective tissue, collagen and polysaccharide proteins are often intertwined into a network. The structure, which produces a certain mechanical strength, is the material basis for supporting the curve of the human body and reflecting the upright posture.

The Effect and Function of Collagen Protein on Human Health